They’re both man-made: SASQUATCH & NAZIS. But one fantasy is harmless.

It was never true, “Work Will Set You Free.” It was a lie, “Work Will Set You Free.” Do you think we believe the lie because we’re easily duped? Or because it’s easier to believe a sign than ask hard questions. And fight.

Here’s a hard question: what do they really mean by Alt-Right? I’ll tell you what they really mean…Nazi.

Here’s another hard question: have I taken this too far? Maybe. Or maybe I haven’t taken it far enough. I’ll tell  you one thing for sure, if my daughter was run over by a Muscle Car From Hell in Charlottesville, I’d be murderous!

It was never true, “Never Forget.” It was a lie, “Never Forget.” Look how easiy we pretend nothing’s happening. Or the problem is Steve Bannon instead of Donald Trump.

We’re chasing Sasquatch. At least Sasquatch won’t ship your entire family on a train to a so-called work camp while your neighbors look the other way. Or turn away the SS St. Louis. Or bite.

Unless you snatch his beef jerky.