It’s a pun. But it’s a good pun.

‘Tis the season of Atonement. Looking for self-forgiveness by taking a look at what you got wrong, owning it, and asking your maker, which is really yourself, to step-up your game.

I’ve never been treated worse, these past few weeks. I’ve never felt better, or more connected to something bigger than myself.

So thank you for that. L’Chaim!

I was listening to a song by Neil Young called After The Gold Rush. There’s a lyric in the song, it speaks to the secretest part of myself. Here’s how it goes, minus Neil’s beautiful voice…

“There was a band playing in my head. And I felt like getting high. I was thinking about what a friend had said. I was hoping it was a lie.”

To all the truth-tellers out there, please remember this: just because it’s true, doesn’t mean you have to say it. There’s a higher way to love. It’s simple. It really is simple. Ready? Here it is…

Look into the eyes of the person, notice how they’re reacting, and if what you’re saying is hurting them, no matter how true you think it is, stop.

Just. Stop.

From all of us at Max’s Deli, to all of you in the great big beautiful world, God Bless You.

Happy Challah Days!